Don't know what to do for your New Years Resolution?

Although you should decide yourself what you are planning to change in the upcoming year, here are some ideas to help jump-start your brain.

-Use minimal power (ie. turn off lights, in winter keep your house cooler, summer warmer, don't let tap run when you aren't using it, etc)

-Help in the Community  (ie. Homeless, Old Folk Homes, Food Bank, Churches, Humane Society, Sanctuaries and parks near you, etc)

-Become a happier person and be more content with the great things you have (so many people don't have the opertunity to relax or have luxuries. You are so lucky! Try to see life more like this), change your attitude

-Donate to a charity (ie. Plan, World Vision, Salvation Army, Invisible Children, etc)

Chinese New Year!!

The Year of the Earth Ox brings a feeling of stability, but it also brings progress -- even if it does seem slow and steady! Learn how the element Earth and the Chinese sign of the Ox combine to bring you growth and focus through the year ahead!  (Jan 26 2009 - Feb 13 2010) [written by Stephanie Demsey]

Please Note: We realize that the image is not current and only goes to year 1999, but this was one of the best images avaliable to clearly display how it works. It is essentially a large circle that continues on and on. So, after 1999 (which is Rabbit), you move over clockwise and you know 2000 was Tiger. Then, 2001 was Ox. 2002 was Rat. 2003 was Pig, and so on.