Have you heard of Twilight?

Let's talk Twilight

The largest rave in teen books in the past while has been directed to Stephenie Meyer's series, the Twilight Saga, four books about a teenage love affair with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Edward lives in a world that humans are not meant to know about. Being in in love with a vampire is not easy for Bella, but there's something inside her that draws her toward Edward more than ever.

It was love at first sight for Bella and Edward, but teens across the world seem to have fallen in love with this [taken] dazzling dude.

Twilight - The movie

November 21st, Twilight became a major motion picture. Move aside, Harry Potter, in comes this easily lovable fantasy. The movie was not near as good as the book, as they never are, but still captured the gist of it. It had my attention! It's very worth hanging out in the large crowds to see this,  this awesome book. They expect New Moon to come out later 2009 or 2010.

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If you are a diehard fan, you should go to the website located here.

Twilight is really something to discuss. There are hundreds of girls and boys who are madly in love with the series. If you have read  the book, feel free to post a comment at the bottom about how much you liked/disliked it. Tell us your opinion!!

It's hard to walk around a bookstore and not see a shelf filled with the series. It's difficult to walk around without hearing about Edward and Bella. So how do I conclude about the series, having read all four, and even read a sample of the 12 chapters in partial draft of her 'potential' book, Midnight Sun, avaliable on Stephenie's Website?
I would have to say that the writing was incredible.
I would read them 20 times over, just as enjoyable each time. I can only hope the series goes on!

If you have not read Twilight, thousands of readers, no, milions, would reccomend it!

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