Invisible Children

We began with a simple idea: to connect people on opposite ends of the world by offering a product that creates jobs in Uganda, while educating and inspiring those who receive it. The Bracelet Campaign is that dream realized, attempting to mend the disconnect between the African continent and the rest of the world’s ignorance towards it.

Millions of people in northern Uganda have been forced into camps where they suffer more than their share. Farmers by trade, they once relied on family land and seasonal crops to provide for themselves and their loved ones. But their relocation to IDP camps means that they must now rely on the insufficient rations of the international aid community.

 The Bracelet Campaign combines the power of market-driven development with the lifelong benefits of education to create a peaceful tomorrow.

The bracelets are handmade from reed and recycled wire, and then packaged with a short film that tells the story of a child affected by the war. Our goal isn’t to simply offer a product, but a new perspective. A better understanding of the impact the war has had on millions of lives.

(information and writing at the invisible children website. for more information or to purchase apparell or bracelets, visit the website.)

A Note from Cutiehippo Creators:  I believe that our society has flaws - flaws large enough to forget about the people living in third world countries, the people who are suffering and don't have to be. When you go to the grocery store and buy products, surprisingly cheap, you likely are buying something made through child labour. It is not only children labouring, but adults too. Although it is generally more expensive to buy fair trade produce or foods/products made in your province, this is something you should consider. We are greedy. It is our fault - continuing to pretend that life does not go beyond ourselves. Offer out your hand! Help a worthy cause!

Something you should consider doing before putting money or time towards a cause is to research about it. Learn what your money or time is going to. If the charity takes a good cut of the money for themselves, you might want to find other charities that will use your donation fairly and don't take much, if any, of the sum for themselves. Beware. Some charities claim to give 100% of the donation to the cause, but not often is this the case. The Salvation Army donates the most of the profit to the charity, making it a great way to sponser a child or contribute to helping.

Invisible Children bracelets cost $20. This includes all the items seen below (DVD about the child you choose, bracelet, and more.). It is a great gift. It is also an awesome way to learn about what happens in other parts of the world, and be able to have a bracelet (which is not gender-specific  - boys can wear them too!) indicating you care. And, if anyone comments on your bracelet, you can tell them about the organization!