Who doesn't like it?

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Music is something that connects people to each other. Music can be used to get someone through a tough time, to pass boring hours, it can be a lifestyle to some, and music is everything to others. It is something unique for every individual. In the list above, we've added a few songs we think people will like. They are mostly popular artists, but we chucked in a couple of independant artists (only one right at the moment)

Looking for Sheet Music?

It's annoying to have to search for hours to find some decent sheet music, especially if you are not a guitarist or a pianist. And, if you're too cheap to pay, you want easy printable music to play. Even if you are, Here are a few sites and their descriptions:  : This site has most instruments, from piano to flute, recorder to accordians. The site had pop music such as So What by P!nk, Shut up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings, and Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry. Midi files are available too. No download needed, you can copy and paste it to a word document or go to the 'Print Friendly' version and print off your browser. You should definitely check this one out!  : This site has more classic music available for a large variety of instuments. If you are looking for sheet music with Brahms or Wagner, this is the site to go to. Downloads are free. Midi available. Some have MP3's too. You have to click on 'gif' format for the free sheet music, as some of the music a subscription is required, at about 20 dollars a month.  : This site has some sheet music as well. There is a great variety of music to select from, as well as a variety of instruments. Available in Adobe format. Midi downloadable.  : Only music for Guitar and Piano.  Searches for sources depending on the genre of music you choose (ie. pop/rock) and site descriptions, including which instrument it is for, are included.