Shining Star: Africa

Nobody likes a mosquito bite. But in Africa, a mosquito bite isn't just annoying it can be downright dangerous.  When Rosy L. found out that one million children die each year from a disease spread by mosquitoes, she knew that she had to  find a way to help.The 12-year old got involved with a group that raises  money to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa.  Malaria is spread when infected mosquitoes bite people, often at night when people are asleep.  Mosquito nets keep the insects away from kids beds, preventing the kids from being infected as they sleep.  To raise money for the netting, Rosy wrote an article for her school paper that inspired her classmates to donate class-trip money to the cause.  

She also held a fund-raising party and auction that raised almost $2,000.  The money bought a lot of nets, which probably saved many lives.  "I helped 200 families sleep safely at night," Rosy says.  "What makes me happiest about my work is knowing that my involvement in this can make a real difference.

 written by "American Girl magazine"

I think that this is truly inspiring and anyone who puts their mind to something that helps others is greatly appreciated (this comment was written by cutie hippo)