Do you think that this cruel behavior is right or wrong?

Everywhere seals are getting hunted for human pleasure and satisfaction.  Taking away a seals life is like taking away yours.  Do seals really deserve such tretement?  Like i mean what have they ever done to you  that makes someone what to hunt them.  More and more seals are being hunted as we speak and its up to us to put a stop to this.

There is also a great deal of seal clubbing - if you ask me, this is a horrible way to kill an animal. It's one thing to shoot it for pleasure, but then to hit it over and over again just for the pure 'joy' of hurting it and watching it suffer, is repulsive. Why do we allow this? It's sickening! What has society come to, that for 'fun', we torture seals. Animals with beating hearts, with souls, with families. It is cruel.

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